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About Marketing Advice For Schools

Marketing Advice for Schools runs a network for all those responsible for school marketing, recruitment, communications and community development. Based in Manchester, UK, we have over 1,700 members from around the world, from all types of school.

We help you and your school to...


Solve Problems
Solve your school's problems quickly and effectively 



Stay Informed
Keep up to date with changes in school marketing with the latest news, research and expert analysis 



Find Inspiration
Be inspired by innovative marketing work from around the world



Share Ideas
Learn from and meet with other school marketers 



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Video in Education Event 

Our next event will look at the rise of video in school marketing, from promotional videos to student-led video channels, online parent conferences to video clips in newsletters. 


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The Education Communication Survey 2021 Event 
22nd September 2021

Find out the results pf our survey of 82 schools - and watch the video of the event where we shared them and discussed the findings with school leaders



Your School as a
Business: Professional Talks 

September 2020

We took part in a series of talks looking at the business of running a school - from income generation to content creation. Watch the talks online here.


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