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About Marketing Advice For Schools' Consultancy

We offer bespoke marketing solutions to your problems, whether you're a school or a group of schools. Problems such as:

 We need to recruit more students

 We need to recruit more and better teachers

 We need to better engage parents or other stakeholders

 We want to grow or create a coherent brand for our group of schools

 We need to generate more income from stakeholders and grants 

 We want to offer something new such as a nursery or Sixth Form and need to research the market

Following an initial call (click below or email Simon Hepburn to arrange one),  we will create a proposal that might contain some or all of these actions...

  • Marketing Audit and Action Plan - competitor analysis, a review of the current marketing and admissions process, and in-depth discussions with schools leaders and key staff leading to a practical plan – from £800
  • Market Research - surveys, focus groups and mystery shopping designed to identify how you can best work with stakeholders including parents - from £400
  • Branding and Message Creation- working from research to create the visual and written messaging that sets you apart from others - from £400 plus design cost
  • Content Creation and Production- delivering key parts of your marketing plan such as a brochure, video, website or social media campaign – from £200 plus design costs
  • Training - bespoke in-person or remote training in marketing, social media, customer service or whole staff INSET on the importance of marketing - from £250 for a half-day
  • Coaching - remote or in-person support to guide and help you implement marketing plans – from £50/hour




Why choose Marketing Advice for Schools?

 A focus on delivering real impact for your organisation -read how we helped Risley Avenue Primary School recruit 25 new pupils in 3 months here!

 A deep understanding of schools and their stakeholders 

 A tried and trusted process that has been used by over 300 schools - see our testimonials below

  A cost-effective approach that uses your school's existing talents where possible





Why invest in marketing support?

 Each new student that stays for 5 years will bring in at least £20,000 (much more in the independent sector) 

 Schools can save up to £80,000 per year on unnecessary recruitment advertising and agency costs

 Parental engagement contributes to 10% of student performance

 Schools can raise £20,000 to £50,000 per year from greater community engagement



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