School Communication Online - 3 months access


3 months access
3 months access


Over 4 hours of video content plus inspiration, wider reading and advice on your final project.

Why should you take this course?

Many schools are facing uncertain times - whether that comes in the form of fewer students than you have capacity for; less income than you expect; or difficulties recruiting high quality teachers. Schools also need to negotiate the world of social media and digital communication to engage current parents efficiently and effectively.

To meet these challenges, schools must be able to understand these stakeholders and the market around them - and then clearly communicate what makes them different across a variety of digital and traditional media.

This course includes almost 5 hours of video plus extensive further reading material and links to examples of great school marketing. Each of the 10 modules concludes with a short test - and as you work through the  course you will create your own marketing plan that you can submit for expert feedback. You can also ask questions of fellow participants and course leaders through a dedicated chat room. 

Once you add in travel costs, this course is much cheaper than a face-to-face one - and you can revisit any of the modules at any time for 3 months* as you create your marketing plan. 

We welcome delegates from anywhere in the world (we've had people complete the course from Asia, North and South America and Europe!)

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