Improving Communications with Parents




A 2-hour course to explore how your school can commmunicate more effectively with parents, using the latest technology and processes.

For those responsible for managing communication with parents (Office Managers, School Business Managers, Communication Leads, SLT).

This course covers the importance of engaging parents and how to use planning tools and the latest technology to do so as efficiently and effectively as possible. There is time set aside to explore different creative tools and communication platforms and to create your school's own content management plan.

  • Insight into the best ways to communicate with parents for engagement
  • An audit tool to assess how you currently communicate with parents
  • A content management plan to save time and effort in future communications
  • Access to the latest tools to help with creative digital communication

Simon Hepburn spent 10 years working in marketing in industry and consultancy. This included managing a £1.5m advertising budget for Reed, advising Vodafone on improving its image as an employer, and developing a new practice in one of the UK's leading reputation management consultancies, Communications Management. He retrained as a teacher at the Institute of Education, London, and spent 11 years working as a full-time teacher and Head of Department in both state and private schools. He has worked with over 350 schools and has written two boooks - 'Marketing Your School' and 'Recruiting Teachers'.

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