3 reasons why 2023 will be the year of video (yes, really, this time)!

3 reasons why 2023 will be the year of video (yes, really, this time)!
13 Jan 2023

Will 2023 be the year of the multiverse, AI or augmented reality? It might be in some sectors, but it's actually going to be something more mundane that finally changes school marketing and communications - at least in my opinion.

I've been talking about the importance of video for a while long time - and it's definitely becoming more and more popular. But I think 2023 could be the year we shift definitively in that direction. There are some interesting indicators, such as...

1. The increasing number of schools employing content creators with a focus on video (such as in this job vacancy)

2. The use of videos to replace written forms - for example this news article suggests that video applications may replace personal statements for university applications - while Teacherfolio is pioneering the use of video in teaching job applications (watch a video about it here).

3. The irresistible rise of video-based social media - this research shows that for American 13-17 year olds, the top two social media channels are YouTube (used by 95%) and TikTok (67%) with Instagram now third. And where US teenagers lead, others follow.

So what can schools and school marketers do?

1. Use high quality external video companies for important areas - especially for areas such as recruitment where failure to recruit can be hugely damaging to a school. Look at this advert for teaching in Shetland  for example and compare it to the written job adverts you usually see! Which would you choose? 

2. Develop your video skills  - our most recent School Marketing Survey showed that videography was the number one skill that marketing teams wanted to develop and it certainly will help you in your career. Most schools will have access to good equipment and software for making videos and there are a myriad of online courses, as well as those offered by local FE colleges. 

3. Use students and others in your school to help you - if you can't afford a videographer, why not use the talents in your school. Check out School Media Team or BBC Young Reporters for advice and training.

4. See what other schools are doing. The InspiredSM Brilliance Awards attract the best school marketing videos from around the world. Can you match them?