A month or so I wrote about the rise of the 'educational chain' - schools grouping together in both private and public sectors - and increasingly both. It's been interesting to see how quickly they are beginning to achieve media coverage and looking to claim advantages of size and scope. 

First out of the blocks this week was private for-profit chain Cognita. Director of education Geraint Jones made the case for the inefficiency of the public sector (although as I tweeted earlier, I'm not convinced that you improve the reputation of your school by admitting that you make teachers spend time doing lots of non-teaching work!). 

This was quickly followed (again in the Telegraph) by James O'Shaughnessy's article about his new proposed public/private sector chain in association with the media-savvy Wellington College. His chain will deliver today's panacea of 'a “no excuses” culture, strong leadership, high expectations and robust discipline'. 

Having worked in small businesses as well as large companies with 'chains' of offices, I've seen the benefits of scale and shared expertise fairly equally balanced by the flexibility and lack of bureaucracy of smaller organisations, but there is no doubt that we are about to have the opportunity to see this play out in education! From a marketing perspective, we are bound now to see national branding campaigns - alongside smaller schools making their case for meeting local needs! 



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